FBC Virus News - Our Actions in Response

On March 16, 2020

April 8: Video 9 in the "Looking Toward Easter" series is now posted.

April 6: Video 8 in the "Looking Toward Easter" series is now posted.

April 4: Video 7 in the "Looking Toward Easter" series is now posted.

"Shelter in Place Sunday School Lesson 2" is now posted.

We encourage you all to "attend" FBC's Palm Sunday service. You can listen to it from 11 AM to Noon on WRHL, 1060 AM or 93.5 FM, or you can watch the service on our YouTube page, which you can easily access from our website home page, fbcrochelle.org, by clicking on FBC Videos. You can also access it from our Facebook page. That video will be posted on Sunday.

April 2: Pastor Cowan's 6th video in the "Looking Toward Easter" series is now posted. You can access it through the FBC Videos link on the homepage of this website or from Facebook.

April 1: The Good Friday Service has been cancelled.

March 30: The 5th video in Pastor's "Looking Toward Easter" series has been posted. Click the FBC Videos link to get to it.

March 29: The webcast video of Pastor Cowan's message for today has been posted! I encourage you to watch that or listen to the hour long Radio Message on WRHL 1060 AM or 93.5 FM, from 11:00 am to noon!

March 28: The first lesson of the Shelter in Place Sunday School is posted to facebook.com/groups/SIPSS/

March 26: The 4th video in Pastor's "Looking Toward Easter" series is now available.

March 24: The 3rd video in Pastor's "Looking Toward Easter" series was posted today.

Starting Friday or Saturday, there will be information on an online Sunday School class. The class is called the "Shelter in Place Sunday School." The lessons will not be ABOUT Sheltering in Place, but FOR those who ARE Sheltering in Place (which is probably about everyone). I hope that you will give this "lesson" a try. It is not a video, but will be on Facebook.

The AIBCI Ladies Retreat has been cancelled.

March 21: Since we do not have normal services tomorrow, we have expanded our Radio Broadcast to one hour, from 11:00 am to noon on WRHL, 1060 AM and 93.5 FM. You can also listen to the service live on wrhl.net. This service contains some music and a sermon from Pastor Cowan.

We will also have a video of the sermon available on our YouTube channel, First Baptist Church Rochelle, Illinois, which can be accessed from the FBC videos link on our home page, firstbaptistrochelle.org. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities.

March 18: We have begun to post a series of webcasts to take us up to Easter. These webcasts will be posted every 2-3 days as they are produced. Check back to this website to keep up with some of the events of the life of Christ in His final few months before His crucifixion and resurrection.

Also, FBC's Sunday Radio Broadcast will be expanded to a full hour starting this Sunday. It will run from 11:00 am to noon on WRHL, 1060 AM and 93.5 FM.

March 16: In support of our public officials, and in deference to our own congregation and community, First Baptist Church of Rochelle will be taking the precautionary steps over the next 2 ½ weeks.

  • Since our Governor has canceled schools to the end/March…
  • We will be canceling all services thru April 3rd
  • We will tentatively plan to resume normal schedules Apr. 5
  • All other extra-curricular activities in our listed Coming Events during that time period will be a “you-decide-on-your-own-basis”. We will communicate with those members involved when we hear from those organizations.

March 16: As the virus response expands and deepens its impact into our daily lives, we will make adjustments as necessary. Check back here to learn of schedule changes beyond the above-mentioned information.

In the meantime, efforts are being made to increase our radio time for current messages which would be created specifically for this time. Additionally, there are some devotionals that are being prepared that will lead us up to the celebration of our Lord’s resurrection. Those will be posted on this website in both audio and written formats. Check back here to learn when those are available.